ECS offers a range of treatments designed to conserve a broad range of historic artifacts and art on paper. Items may include hand written or manuscript documents on paper and vellum, prints, watercolors and paintings on paper, drawings, architectural plans, maps, historic wallpaper, newspapers, posters, and other printed but unbound materials. Treatment options are based upon a thorough examination of the object, evaluation of its intended use, and how it will be stored. Preservation of the object may involve basic stabilization or rehousing options such a conservation matting and framing or insertion in a custom archival clamshell box. Conservation treatments may include surface cleaning, tape and adhesive removal, separation from poor quality and damaged mounts, mending tears, and consolidation of media.

Our treatment expertise focuses on a combination of traditional manual techniques and the latest scientific research on materials which have been tested and approved for the conservation of paper based artifacts and artwork. In accordance with international conservation standards and the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC), materials used are reversible and treatments are limited to the least invasive options in order to maintain the integrity of the object.
All treatments are documented with written and photographic records. Written documentation is automatically provided to the client and photo documentation can be provided upon request.

ECS also offers general collections and item specific surveys designed to evaluate the condition of the general collection, the environmental storage conditions or exhibition spaces, storage methodology, preventative conservation strategies, and treatment priorities.

Treatment Options for Paper artifacts may include:

  • mold removal
  • surface cleaning
  • flattening
  • aqueous treatments to reduce acidity
  • alkalization/deacidification
  • stain reduction
  • tape and adhesive removal
  • separation from poor quality mounts
  • consolidation of cracked or flaking media
  • inpainting areas of loss within the media
  • mending tears or breaks
  • infilling losses in the support
  • lining
  • rehousing options
  • four-flap enclosures
  • polyester sleeves
  • encapsulation
  • conservation matting and framing

Art on Paper Gallery

Art on Paper Gallery

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