KASEBox Fluted Boxes and order forms

KASEBox Enclosures

KASEBox products are high-quality and economical enclosures that are custom-produced to fit each individual piece securely.

Each KASEBox enclosure is made of acid-free / lignin-free corrugated board that is buffered with calcium carbonate, providing an ideal micro-environment for your materials. A KASEBox enclosure will provide protection from the effects of light, wear, impurities in the air, as well as variations in temperature and humidity. The standard board is a clean-looking blue/gray color with a strength rating that exceeds 200 lbs. and is available in both E and B flutes.

KaseBox Archival Enclosure

Your Materials Stay in the Library

One of the most attractive features of the KASEBox enclosure is that they are made from the measurements that you provide on the order form, therefore the material does not need to leave the client location. You will be supplied with instructions that will guide you through the simple process of measuring your materials. You simply send us the measurements, and we send you the finished enclosure.

Electronic Ordering for Multiple Enclosures

Click on the following links to download HFGroup KASEBox Customer Entry Template. (Please click “Save” if you are asked to either “Open” or “Save” the file.)

KASEBox Order Spreadsheet:

*Please Right click and Choose either, “Save Target As…” (for Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As” (for Mozilla Firefox)

Detailed Instructions on using the Microsoft Office Excel file to order KASEBox products are included on the first worksheet of the template.

If you have trouble downloading the template within Mozilla Firefox, please use Internet Explorer.

Upon completion of your order form, please send an electronic copy of the full Excel spread sheet to ECSConservation-Midwest by e-mail as an attachment.

If you wish, we can measure your materials for you, however, this requires that the material be delivered to our Indiana facility. For more information please contact ECSConservation – Midwest.

Our KASEBox enclosures are custom fit to each individual item. Items less than 3/4″ thick will be placed in a KASEBox Portfolio unless specifically requested otherwise.

Our standard product is shipped flat and unlettered. Folding services and spine lettering plotted directly onto the board can be purchased at an additional fee. Foil stamped Summit/Buckram cloth labels are available as an option.

The Kongsberg X20 Digital Plotter

KASEBox enclosures are produced on one of our Kongsberg X20 Digital Plotters. The Kongsberg X20 is operated by sophisticated software that optimizes material usage while executing precision cuts and creases. The finished enclosures are identified by piece and are shipped assembled.