The Deluxe Clamshell Box

Our “Deluxe Clamshell Boxes” incorporate the highest quality acid-free and lignin-free binders board for both the cover and tray structures. The cover material is a premium imported book cloth such as Brillianta, Natuur and Halflinnen from the Netherlands or Canapetta from Italy. A variety of colors are available depending on your design requirements. The case cloth and cloth for the trays can be of different colors for a very distinguished look. The interior is lined with conservation quality paper or can be felt lined depending on your needs. Titles are produced on either gold tooled leather labels or stamped paper labels which are applied to the spine of the clamshell box. Velcro strap fasteners or Japanese bone clasps to lock the trays may be incorporated into the enclosure as an option. Clamshell box fasteners are highly recommended for vellum bindings.

What separates our “Deluxe Clamshell Boxes” from all others is the unique design of the spine section which provides a virtually air tight seal eliminating air infiltration from the environment. The use of MicroChamber® papers containing zeolites for contaminant absorption or Silversafe® papers for photographic materials are optional.

Deluxe Clamshell Box ECS Conservation
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