Storm Closing

In anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Florence, ECS-East will close at noon on Friday and will reopen at noon on Monday. Our thoughts go out to all who are affected by this devastating storm.

Gary Albright Partnership

ECS is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with Gary Albright through December, 2018. A senior paper and photograph conservator based near Rochester, New York, Gary has recently been working with ECS on projects for the Buffalo & Erie County Public

Trinity Cathedral Conservation and Digitization Project

HF Group’s ECS Conservation and Digital Solutions divisions played a key role in the conservation and digitization of fragile and deteriorating 19th and early 20th century records belonging to Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina. Read about the project here.

Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books

Bookbinding and the Conservation of Books, A Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology by Matt T. Roberts and Donald G. Etherington Drawings by Margaret R. Brown A National Preservation Program Publication ISBN O-8444-0366-O Cost: $75 plus shipping To order your reprint of

Grants for Disaster Recovery

The Society of American Archivists’ National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives offers grants (initially up to $2000) to assist with recovery after a disaster.  These are available to any repository holding archives or special collections.  Click here for more information.